Waterfront Exterior Dusk CR11058

The Waterfront Hotel in Oakland California

The Waterfront Hotel in Oakland California installed a Titan 4000 Hydroxyl Generator about 2.5 years ago. This machine is located in a garbage room that had historically generated a great
deal of odor and insect issues. The hotel and restaurant generates trash, wet food compost and waste cooking oil, all of which are stored inside the garbage room until disposal. The Titan 4000
runs approximately 12 hours a day and has virtually eliminated the odor and insect issues that had plagued the hotel for decades before installation. The Titan 4000 is plugged into a digital
timer that cycles the unit on and off throughout each day.
As additional hotels are under development, the Titan 4000 has become a standard for garbage room installations throughout all of our properties.
I do need to replace the 5 lamps in the T-4000. Please arrange for shipping to my attention to the address listed below.
I have attached a photograph of our unit in operation.
Mark Everton
Area Managing Director,
Southern California
General Manager,
Waterfront Hotel - Oakland
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Oakland CA 94607
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