ServiceMaster 1 Call Restoration - Bill Rilea

I have a bunch of ServiceMaster Guys coming down this weekend for a DR Sale Training Thing.
I will be bringing the Titan with me to show and tell. I put the thing in on day 1 of about 30% of
my jobs. ((( I would put it in on every job on day 1 if I had 3 More))). It plain old knocks out that
musty nasty water damage smell by the time we come back on day 2 or 3. 

Still no ozone odor from it. Every field adjuster has seen it and said what the heck is that. I tell
them it is a Hydroxyl Generator + Air Scrubber + Air Mover but I am only going to charge you
for a Hydroxyl Generator. There was a bad smell when I got onsite and I put it in for the
homeowners protection + my workers protection + to knock the bad odor down. How does it
smell in here to you Mr. Adjuster? You should have smelled this place a couple of days ago, you
would have already left the room. I am planning on purchasing a couple more of these Titans From you.

I have homeowners that want to buy them from me.
I have completel pissed off the Odorox users in my area. I brought a couple insurance folks
over to my shop. Room A had the Odorox. Room B had the Titan. Gave them each an Ozone
badge and sent them in. They will not pay for the Odorox any more.

Bill Rilea

ServiceMaster 1 Call Restoration
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